Speeding up your satellite internet connection can be broken into two sets of troubleshooting tips: adjusting your satellite dish and optimizing your modem and router. Of course, there’s more to it than that—you may even want to check for alternative internet options if your satellite internet service makes you want to flip your desk.

How to improve Xbox Live connection? | Yahoo Answers Jan 15, 2011 How can i improve my xbox live connection? | Yahoo Answers Jul 26, 2009 Fix your XBOX Live Multiplayer lag via shared Internet Fix your XBOX Live Multiplayer lag via shared Internet connection! You can connect your XBOX 360 console to XBOX LIVE via your Windows computer and use its internet connection. If you do so, you can get better control through the data synchronization process over the Internet. Solved: High ping/latency on Xbox Live - BT Community

Reddit users have found ways to increase their Xbox to PC streaming quality in the past, but one Reddit user, kaczorws, recently compiled the directions and provided the Xbox App mod script to do it. The full thread can be read here, but I’ll list the directions below and summarize the gist of it. I […]

How to Improve xbox live connection ! ( Linksys Routers Jul 01, 2011 How to Improve a Network Connection - PlayStation

Fix your XBOX Live Multiplayer lag via shared Internet

Test your Xbox Live connection again (Settings > System Settings > Network Settings, select Wired Network or your wireless network > Network Statistics). If this fixes the connection problem , it means your router is incompatible with the Xbox because of its … How To Improve Your Xbox 360 WiFi - Metacafe In today's episode, we show you how to craft a directional antenna to improve your Xbox 360 wireless connection. This will reduce latency (ping times) and improve your general connection if your router signal is weak. You will need: 1) Roll of clear tape 2) Aluminum Foil 3) Empty chip bag 4) Spork Disclaimer: This and other videos produced by Household Hacker are controlled experiments I keep getting disconnected and kicked out from Xbox Live Unplug the network cable from the Ethernet port on your Xbox console. Unplug the network cable that connects your computer to the networking device. Note Only unplug the cable from your computer. Plug the network cable in step 2 into your Xbox console. Test your Xbox Live connection. Press the Xbox button to open the guide. Select Settings. How do I improve my Xbox live connection? | Yahoo Answers Jun 27, 2008