Jul 02, 2018 · Another way to enter the Local Group Policy Editor in Windows 10, 8, 8.1 is by using the Run app: Click the Windows logo key and the R key simultaneously. Once Run is up, type gpedit.msc into it and click OK. Search for the Local Group Policy Editor. You can use Search to get to your group policy settings. Here are the instructions needed:

May 20, 2020 · Before you start, make sure that your Windows 10 PC supports Bluetooth. For more info on how to check, see Fix Bluetooth problems in Windows 10.If you need help adding a device without Bluetooth capabilities, see Add a device to a Windows 10 PC. Jan 20, 2020 · Are you a Desktop lover looking to speed up your Windows 8 boot process even more? In Windows 8.1 or later you can make Windows start directly to the Desktop, skipping the Start screen. See How to Boot to the Desktop in Windows 8.1 for instructions. Prerequisites for setting up Windows devices for Microsoft 365 Business Premium users. Before you can set up Windows devices for Microsoft 365 Business Premium users, make sure all the Windows devices are running Windows 10 Pro, version 1703 (Creators Update). If you need to install or reinstall Windows 8.1, you can use the tools on this page to create your own installation media using either a USB flash drive or a DVD. Use the media creation tool (aprx. 1.41MB) to download Windows. This tool provides the best download experience for customers running After neglecting scanner owners in Windows 8, Windows 8.1 makes amends with a new Start screen app that specifically handles the chore of turning physical paper into computer files. Dubbed simply Scan, the new app doesn’t work with older scanners, unfortunately. But if your scanner is relatively new, the Scan app is a refreshing change …

Dec 04, 2013 · Since Windows 8.1 has launched, a lot that has changed. Not so much with the Control Panel, but the Metro-themed “PC settings” that have definitely taken on more and more responsibilities; many control panels have finally been rolled into the PC settings, and we can probably expect that trend to continue as Microsoft introduces new versions of Windows 8.

Aug 30, 2017 · How to set up file sharing in Windows 8.1 By Dan Plummer , Nadine Andrews 30 Aug 2017 If you've got a few computers in your house that run Windows 8, and you want to share stuff between them, then you'll need to set up file sharing.

Feb 06, 2017 · (If you're using a mouse, point to the lower-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer up, and then click Settings.) Tap or click Accounts, tap or click Add an account, and then tap or click the type of account you'd like to add. Sep 15, 2014 · Setting up mail in Windows 8.1 is easier then you might think. Watch this video and we'll have you up and running in minutes.